Anti-Rabies Vaccination Overview

This page addresses protection against the disease of rabies.

Rabies is primarily transmitted by dogs to humans but vaccination of at least 70% of the dog population in an area can give protection to both people and animals. Several organisations up and down the country are vaccinating dogs.

If you want to see areas that have been vaccinated, when and by who, click on the syringe map markers to get more detail.

If you live in a town and there’s a syringe over your area, take a more detailed look at City Vaccination. On this page you can zoom in to your own street.

If you’ve carried out a vaccination drive yourself, go to the We Vaccinated page for a password so that you can enter the details of your own work.

Time since vaccination

0-4 Months

4-8 Months

8-12 Months

12-16 Months

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